Dead Website Restoration Project

This masterclass grew out of discussions in the Chibi community when I suggested that it might be time to use an AI tool to rejuvenate an affiliate website. But, truthfully, there's a lot more to lifting a website from the dead than just pounding out words.

For that reason, the first three class modules will be full of lessons about the whys and hows of using websites to generate sales. We'll go from no plan to full plan.

Module four is where the 'real work' begins - researching our niche and developing a complete content plan to guide many months of development.

And then, in module five we will begin to rebuild site with some of the best content we can coax out of AI.


  • this course is full of my ideas based on years of experience
  • credit is freely given to frameworks that I found helpful
  • there are countless ways to make money online but every successful entrepreneur I know figured out ONE WAY FIRST and mastered it
  • read that line above a few times

The (A.I.) Writer