AI Copywriting | What Changes? And What Doesn’t?

Many of my copywriting colleagues refuse to involve artificial intelligence tools in their work. I was there until about 6 weeks ago.

Was I afraid of AI? No, not really.

I was too skeptical of the technology. Couldn’t believe that it would be capable of zeroing in on my prospect’s fears and failures. I was convinced it couldn’t connect a product to their dreams.

And I was right. For now, anyway.

The first couple of tools I played with were so bad that I nearly stopped. I could have done a legit victory lap and gone back to my regular methods.

But I saw a Facebook comment about a new AI tool called Conversion AI. It was from someone I respect and had some combination of words that made me consider a trial.

And here I am…

The AI Writer is NOT about capitulation as much as it is about cohabitation.

I saw enough with Conversion AI to imagine that it could be plugged into my writing process. But that’s going to require a lot of testing and discovery.

So, I’m expanding the process to include several new AI tools. Expect it to be messy.

When old dogs learn new tricks things are going to break. But what we wind up building could be bionic.

Let’s do some future together.