Building an Incredible Blog Post Using AIPRM Prompts & ChatGPT

So, within the scope of this entire process, will be using video tutorials to go from nothing more than a keyword idea to a very impressive and helpful blog post that you can use just about anywhere.

And here is a screenshot of the entire process laid out in a mind map:

A visual representation of the process

In this first video, I’ll give you a rough outline of what the process is and make some comments about the tools available that should be useful. This process is, as I put this together, completely free to use as long as you can find a time to use the free version of ChatGPT when the servers are not overloaded.

Step number two: turning your keyword into a silo structure and populating that with great topic categories

In the second video, we’ll begin working with a primary (head) keyword so that we can develop a master plan for an authority website. It’s a very simple but insanely powerful step for making sure you start off on the right foot in building a true authority website.

ChatGPT will be giving you some output that should be saved for recurring use. I recommend using something handy like a Google Sheet to hold this master plan’s info.

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