Prompt Language | Create Great Meta Titles With Keywords

So, you’ve been lucky enough to grab first page rankings! That’s a great beginning!

But now, as the viewer is scanning the SERP, your post needs to stand out from the competition. Does it need to be shocking? No. In fact, the further over the line of believability you go, the more likely you are to turn your perspective reader off.

Instead, consider my favorite strategy and copywriting. Speak directly to that person by using second person voice, and encouraging them to give you the click by showing them that have a clear, friendly answer on the other side.

Nothing does that better than your metal title. Google, or being or some of the others, automatically folded for you so that the scanning eye sees it easily.

I’ve created a prompt, this one formatted for chat gpt, that will give you a fresh, compelling meta title for each keyword that you enter in a list format. Here’s the AIPRM link to run it automatically.

Let’s take a look.

Prompt Language

Turn each of the following keywords into a compelling 2nd person blog topic title that is between 52 and 60 characters in length:

The prompt is where you’ll pop in your keyword list (one keyword per line). It works perfectly with my Meta Descriptions prompt. Use both to create search enginee listings that can’t be resisted!

Example AI Output

Here’s a list of meta titles I generated from some bedding-related keywords:

  1. “Get Cozy with a Weighted Blanket for Better Sleep”
  2. “Sleep Like a King on a Comfortable King-Size Bed”
  3. “Experience the Comfort of a Tempur-Pedic Bed”
  4. “Find Your Perfect Sleep Number with a Bed Designed for You”
  5. “Get the Right Fit with Bedding Sizes that Suit Your Bed”
  6. “Sleep Like Royalty on a King-Sized Bed”
  7. “Upgrade Your Sleep with a King Size Bed”
  8. “Find the Perfect Bedding Sizes for Your Bed”
  9. “Get the Best Sleep with the Right Bed Size”
  10. “Sleep Soundly on a Casper Mattress”
  11. “Discover the Comfort of a King Bed Size”
  12. “Choose the Right Bed Size for a Good Night’s Sleep”
  13. “Sleep Comfortably on a Nectar Mattress”
  14. “Sleep Well on a King-Size Bed Designed for Comfort”

Flexibility Solves Each Puzzle

Remember that you can easily tweak just a word or two in each of these, depending on your post’s call to action. Ecommerce, SaaS, Affiliate… they can fit any situation you need. And they will increase your clicks!

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